Shiptheory now offers grouping of orders which allows you to filter through orders easily saving you time and money! See how you can get started setting up grouping within your dashboard!

To setup grouping first navigate to the dashboard and select the filter which you want to update, then select the settings icon.

Once within the advanced dashboard you will first need to select the columns which you wish to be visible on your dashboard, these can be selected by dragging them across onto the left hand side. 

Once done hit save and re-enter the configuration page, from there scroll down to 'Group Results By'.

You will now see options appear which will allow you to group orders. Next select the grouping options you desire and then hit save, your dashboard will now have orders grouped!

Note: Don't see the options you want to use? Make sure they are selected within the columns section above else they will not be visible to select!

When within this page you will now be able to swap around the order of how your dashboard is group. For example instead of having services and then carrier you may decide to group by Carrier and then Service! This can be easily done just by simply clicking and dragging on the dashboard or re-entering the configuration page!

That's it! Once  done you will now be able to open and view based on your filters meaning you can focus on the certain orders without the need to scroll through the rest!