As of January 1st 2023, support for the original Shopify integration (now referred to as Shopify (Legacy)) with Shiptheory will cease, and as such you'll want to ensure you're on the new "Shopify" integration. Once moved over, your day to day workflow will likely be identical, but you'll see overall performance improvements and fewer failures with orders.

To move over to the new Shopify, the first step will be to add a new Shopify instance in your "Manage Channels" page:

You should then hit "Connect" and follow the steps to allow Shiptheory to connect with the new app:

You'll also want to make sure to CTRL Click all the different fulfilment locations you use with Shopify to send orders into Shiptheory, so that all your required orders come into the system:

IMPORTANT- Once connected, you'll want to ensure your settings in the new Shopify reflect what you have setup for the original Shopify integration, such as whether to use "Fulfillments" (Shipments) or "Fulfilment Orders" (Orders) to pull through, and ensure any metafield setup is also reflected in the advanced settings so that your commodity information continues pulling through as required:

Within the advanced settings, you'll also want to double check your settings for notifications, discount and gift messages. To ensure that everything is set up to exactly mirror the original Legacy Shopify settings.

If you use channel specific rules with Shiptheory, you'll want to ensure that you update these to match your new Shopify Stores channel connection. To do this, you'll want to head to your channel specific rule and in the channel name dropdown, select the new Shopify connection instead of the original Shopify one:

Once all the settings are reflected, you may want to test sending through an order from the new Shopify to ensure orders are coming through as needed and once confirmed, you'll be safe to remove the old "Shopify Legacy" integration in your Manage Channels page, leaving only the new Shopify left:

IMPORTANT- If you have multiple Shopify stores connected to Shiptheory you'll want to ensure you replace each of them with a new Shopify Stores connection. For information on adding multiple Shopify Stores, please follow the process laid out in this guide here: Adding Multiple Shopify Stores to Shiptheory

From there, you should be all good to go with the new integration!

If you run into any issues with this process at all, please Contact Support and we'll be happy to give you a hand with this process!