If you are looking to add more than one Shopify store to your Shiptheory account, this guide shall explain all the necessary steps to achieve in doing so.

Adding ShopifyStores to Shiptheory

To get started, add the first integration of ShopifyStores as normal, This can be done by heading to your Shiptheory dashboard and clicking on your Email Address at the top right of your screen, then clicking on Manage Channels

Once you have clicked on Manage Channels scroll down and find the ShopifyStores channel and click on the symbol to add ShopifyStores to your account.

Once you have clicked on the + symbol, it will bring you to the Connect your Shopify Store page, click on the Connect button and follow the steps within Shopify to connect Shopify to your Shiptheory account.

Adding Multiple Stores to Your Shiptheory Account

Once the first integration of ShopifyStores has been added and connected to your Shiptheory account, if you require to add multiple ShopifyStores instances to your Shiptheory account, the next step will be to add a new instance of ShopifyStores to your Shiptheory, to do this, please see the following.

Similar to the above, we will need to begin by adding another instance of ShopifyStores to your Shiptheory account, to do this head to the Shiptheory dashboard and click on your Email Address then click on Manage Channels

From there, scroll down until you find ShopifyStores and click on the + symbol to add ShopifyStores to your Shiptheory account.

Once you have clicked on the + symbol, you will arrive at the Connect your Shopify Store screen. To integrate successfully with 2 or more ShopifyStores, please ensure that you do not click the Connect button and instead you can either remain on this screen or you can click off this page as the rest of the connection setup is done through Shopify. It is important to note that this instance of Shopify has been added to your account but it has not been connected at this point.

To continue with the integration of your second Shopify Store, open a new tab and head on to Shopify and login with the user that has access to the store that you would like to use in Shiptheory, then search for the Shiptheory app on the Shopify Appstore and click on Add App, once you have pressed this button, Shopify will automatically attempt to make a connection with Shiptheory, when doing so, it will notice the open instance of ShopifyStores within your Shiptheory that we added earlier and will automatically connect to it.

From here, you should be taken back to your Shiptheory / ShopifyStores page as the integration with the second store should be completed, from there you should be able to configure the Shopify settings as required within your Shiptheory.

And that's it, you now should have successfully added new instances of ShopifyStores to your Shiptheory account!

Important Notes:

  • When integrating with ShopifyStores you may be prompted to select a subscription for Shiptheory whilst connecting the Shiptheory app on the Shopify app store, feel free to ignore this as this will not have any effect on your Shiptheory account provided you already hold a subscription in Shiptheory.

  • If you are using separate stores within separate Shopify accounts, this process may still apply to you due to the way that the Shiptheory App integration with Shopify works.