The below article introduces functionality that provides you greater control when dealing with IOSS shipments. The below functionality is partially live so that you can prepare your Shiptheory account, however the below functionality has not yet been updated across all carriers. The first of the carriers to be updated to support this functionality will be live on Wednesday the 28th of July 2021. To check if your carrier has been updated,  check our guide on which carriers support the IOSS currency threshold here - refer to the "Currency Threshold Support" column.

If you fail to setup your IOSS shipment currencies as described below before Wednesday the 28th of July 2021 , your IOSS number may be no longer sent to the carrier.

In order for Shiptheory to send your IOSS number to a carrier, it will need to know whether the total value of your shipment is below the IOSS threshold of 150 EUROs. If your shipment has its value set in EUROs, then we can check the value and send your IOSS number to the carrier.  If your shipment value is not listed in EUROs, we will need you to supply a value for the currency you have set on your shipment.  

This is where the IOSS Shipment Limits come in.  Here, you are able to set a threshold for each currency you ship in, so we can check the value of your shipment and add your IOSS number when it is below the threshold.  

For example: If you set a limit of 135 for the currency GBP all shipments with a value below £135 will be sent with an IOSS number if one is available.

If you would like to add a new IOSS Shipment Limit to your Shiptheory account please see link here which takes you directly to the page where you can add IOSS Shipment Limits.

In order to add a new IOSS Shipment Limit click Add Currency

Then select your chosen currency and enter the value at which you would like your limit to be set to. Then click Save in order to save your changes. You should then see your new setting on the Manage IOSS Shipment Limits page.


Reviewing IOSS Shipments

There is also an option to allow you to have any shipments where we are unable to calculate the total shipment value against the threshold of 150 EUROs.  This means that any orders downloaded to Shiptheory where we cannot calculate the shipment value in EUROs, either because the shipment currency is not set in EUROs or you have not specified a currency threshold for the shipment currency, will need your approval before being shipped.  

This option can be found in the advanced section of the IOSS Currency Values page.  

For more information regarding the IOSS, please read the following:

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If you still have any queries regarding the IOSS and how it might affect your current shipping process or would like to know the latest for a specific carrier or channel, please do not hesitate to reach out to support.