To connect OnBuy and Shiptheory, login to your Shiptheory account and click on your username in the top-right blue menu and select the Manage Channels option from the drop-down menu.

On this page, search for 'OnBuy', hover your mouse over the OnBuy logo and click the green + sign: 

OnBuy will be activated on your Shiptheory account and you will be redirected to the OnBuy settings page within your Shiptheory account.

To have orders automatically download from OnBuy, you will need to copy and paste your OnBuy API credentials from the OnBuy API settings page found here into your Shiptheory settings. Copy the Consumer Secret, Consumer Key, and Site ID from OnBuy.

Test Credentials vs. Live Credentials

OnBuy provides both test and live API credentials. If you use your test credentials, you may need to add test order and product data to your OnBuy account, as live data is not available when using the test api.

Then select the status that you would like to trigger orders to download from your OnBuy account into Shiptheory. Those orders will be downloaded into Shiptheory and show on your dashboard, but do not worry, they will not be actioned until a matching shipping rule is found or a manual action has been taken in Shiptheoy. For information on how to ship orders once you are connected, see how to print shipping labels from OnBuy.

When that's all been done, click the Test Connection button below to verify your OnBuy API details are correct and Shiptheory can connect to your OnBuy account. All going well, you should see this:

If you receive an error, double-check you have copied your OnBuy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret correctly and try again.

Advanced OnBuy Settings

From the OnBuy settings page, clicking the advanced icon in the bottom left-hand corner shows additional options, documented below.

OnBuy Product Weight

OnBuy does not yet have a concept of product weight, so our default weight option lets you set a default product weight Shiptheory will use for each of your products. This weight never flows back into OnBuy, it is only used to send to shippers, as most shippers require weight. You can also set the weight of your consignments via shipping rules, by updating your Shiptheory product catalogue, or manually.

Update Orders to Dispatched

If you enable this option, when your OnBuy orders are shipped in Shiptheory (a shipping label is created), the order in OnBuy will be set as "Dispatched".

Now you are connected, orders will start downloading automatically. Next, learn how to print shipping labels from OnBuy.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or would like us to walk through you through shipping with Shiptheory from OnBuy, please contact with our support team who will be happy to help.