Every time a product comes through into Shiptheory from your Sales Channel, it is added to Shiptheory's Product Table.

A product uses the SKU as the unique identifier for in Shiptheory. If any product data is different on any of your connected channels, the next time Shiptheory downloads an order containing this product any changes here will be overwritten. 

If you had two separate sales channels, that shared the same SKU's, each time a product came in, it would override the previous product information with the same SKU.

Need to edit the Product Table in Shiptheory?

You're able to edit the product table from within Shiptheory. To do this you can click the SKU of the product, as seen on the screenshot below.

However, if another product then comes into Shiptheory with that same SKU, it will then be overwritten with the new product data.

Have any questions about this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you hand!