There are two types of ways to book in your orders with Shiptheory. Automatic Shipping or Manual Shipping.

With Automatic Shipping; Shiptheory receives the orders from your Sales channel, matches up to the necessary Shipping Rule, communicates directly with your desktop and thermal label printers and then shipping labels are printed out. Click on the links to read about Automatic Printing and Shipping Rules.

With Manual Shipping; Shiptheory receives the orders from your Sales channel, but you have flexibility with how you book in the order by manually selecting your carrier and service. 

When an order comes through to Shiptheory that is not automatically booked in it will appear on your dashboard with the status 'Ignored' like this;

To then view the order details you want to click on the blue drop down arrow and select 'VIEW' like this;

You will be taken to a page with all of the order details and shipment history. This is a really helpful page if you need to look at the status of your order, Click Here for more about Order Statuses in Shiptheory

To manually book in your order you want to use the top section of this page to select your required Carrier and Service. Once you've selected these, make sure the weight and box amount is correct and choose any enhancements that are available to that service and select 'Create Label'.

This will book in your selected order and you will see the order status change to 'Complete'

You will then be able to go back to the 'Complete' order on your Shiptheory dashboard, click on the drop down arrow on your order and select 'Print'. 

If you do not have any printers set up with Shiptheory then this will generate a PDF file of your required label which you can then print out.

If you have any trouble with this feel free to get in touch with our support team who will be happy to help!