Shiptheory integrates with Brightpearl.  Brightpearl deals with the concept of creating Shipments allowing orders to be fulfilled via goods out notes.  Brightpearl have an article detailing how and when to use goods out notes here  .  Shiptheory picks up goods out notes at different times based on the settings discussed below.


First, navigate to https://shiptheory.com/brightpearl/edit 

You'll be asked to enter a user's email address, password and your Brightpearl account ID

Once you've entered these, use the test connection button to check Shiptheory can communicate with your Brightpearl account with the given credentials

Shiptheory also requires needs to know the unit of measurements you use in Brightpearl for your weights, make sure you select the relevant weight unit

Finally you'll find the most important setting of all... 

This is the setting that dictates when a goods out note will appear in Shiptheory.
For instance, if you choose 'printed' , any order that you create a goods out note from in Brightpearl wont show up in Shiptheory until you mark the goods out note in Brightpearl as printed.

Once all these settings have been set, hit the save button. 

To see how to test out your newly configured connection between Brightpearl and Shiptheory, check out our guide here

You may wish to read about the advanced settings for Brightpearl in Shiptheory, you can do so here