We refer to any source of a shipment in Shiptheory as a 'Channel'

Shiptheory integrates with various channels, you'll find below a table of channels we currently support.  However it's worth noting that many channels we don't support directly can be supported via your primary channel.
For instance, you may have a Magento store, we support Magento as a channel in Shiptheory.  You may also sell on Ebay and Amazon.

Most users we see who have a channel like Magento, but also sell on Ebay/Amazon, tend to use M2E Pro allowing them to manage their shipment's from a central location (Magento) from all their sources of sales, ie. Ebay and Amazon.

However, in some many instances, a retailer may have an inventory management system that their orders feed into. As an example, a retailer may have   Amazon, Ebay, a Magento store, some other third party marketplaces and pull all their order data into an order management system, such as Brightpearl, Unleased, Shopify, Exact, Zoey, Magento or a host of other management systems.

If your order management system isn't listed in our channels table below, get in contact as we're always kean to add new and exciting channel support to Shiptheory.

However if you have a customer system, or developers that help integrate for you, you are able to integrate over the Shiptheory API, allowing you full flexibility.

Each channel has it's own help category and it's own getting started guide.

Due to the nature of how each channel connects with Shiptheory, you will require some form of authentication, this can differ from channel to channel, however our getting started guides will be able to help you with this.


BrightpearlHelp CategoryGetting Started
ExactHelp CategoryGetting Started
MagentoHelp Category Getting Started
Seller Dynamics Coming soonComing soon
Help CategoryGetting Started
Help CategoryGetting Started
Help CategoryGetting Started
 ZoeyHelp CategoryGetting Started
Shiptheory APIHelp Category
Getting Started

Once you've setup your channel you may also find the following guides useful