If you continually get a red error message when test you hit the 'test connection' button, but you've checked and double checked your login credentials to no avail.  You should check if you have the carrier in test or live mode, to match your credentials.

Many of the carriers in Shiptheory have the ability to enable test or live labels, however many of the carriers that support this have separate login details for their live and test services.

How to enabled/disable live/test mode in Shiptheory?

Below the save button, on the left at the bottom of the page, you'll see a small cog,

Click the small cog to see the advanced options, which also contain test mode options, if applicable.

I can't see a test mode option under the advanced settings

Not all carriers have a test mode.

I am still not getting anywhere, what next?

No problem, just contact us we'd be more than happy to help!