A full explanation of creating rules can be found here

If find a shipment has an outcome you didn't expect, check the resulting carrier and service and any rules that output that carrier and service.

Our shipping rules engine works with a cascade effect, starting by checking the rule with the most critera.

For example.

You may have 2 rules.

Rule 1.  Any shipments that are over 10kgs and going to the UK  are to be sent as Royal Mail 1st Class Mail

Rule 2. Any shipments that are going to the UK are sent as DPD Parcel Next Day

A shipment comes in, that weighs 15kgs and is addressed to the UK.

The outcome will always be Rule 1.  As it has the most critera to match.

If you're still having trouble with configuring your rules correctly, just let us know, we're always more than happy to help or even conifugure them for you.  Contact us