What is Shiptheory's maximum capacity?

Shiptheory's server infrastructure automatically scales to accommodate the amount of requests we receive from our customers in real time. Because of this, Shiptheory has no limit to what it can process per second.

We have surges, can Shiptheory keep up during a surge of activity?

Again, because we automatically scale up our computer power based on demand, we can cope with any surge of shipments on your account.


Whilst Shiptheory is a fairly new product, it has been built by a team of engineers who have been in the software shipping automation business for nearly 10 years, meaning we've seen it all and have accounted for the scenarios we've witnessed over the years.  From a guy in his bedroom who went from selling 10 items a day to 30,000 in one day via a Groupon offer, to large multinational organisations with multiple shipping locations internationally, shipping millions of shipments per day across the globe.