Shiptheory has the ability to select your favourite shipping services, which is especially helpful if you have to deal with Ignored or Failed shipments in Shiptheory.

Your favourite shipping methods will always be the first option(s) in the Select Service Menu.

Setting Your Favourites

 You can set your favourite shipping services by following the Manage Carriers link from the menu or clicking here.

Depending on the user permissions you have, you may see a list of carriers you can enable/disable on this page.  If this is the case, scroll to the bottom of the page where you should see the select favourite services box.

To select multiple services, hold the Ctrl key down on your keyboard (or the cmd key if you are using a Mac).

Once finished, click Save and you should be all set.

Important note, if the service(s) you selected doesn't appear on top of the Select Service drop-down even after saving, please logout from your Shiptheory account and log back in. If it still doesn't work, please contact Support.

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