Our guaranteed uptime?

Our guaranteed uptime is 99% of per year.

What does the 99% cover?

99% refers to Shiptheory being available 99% of the time.  This does not cover third party services, including carriers and channels and their respective APIs being available and functional. In the case a third party's API is unavailable, we can not be held accountable for this.
Internet routing is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, we do not control the internet. If part of an internet route is down or diverted, this is not covered by our guarantee.  If you would like to understand what this means exactly, we suggest reading this news story here from 2014.

What if Shiptheory is unavailable for more than 1% of a year?

If in the event our SLA is ever exceeded, i.e. Shiptheory is unavailable for longer than 1% of a year. You the customer are entitled to a refund for any period the SLA was not met. All claims must be made within 28 days by contacting us here.

We do not recognise nor agree that any damages can not be sought based on the breaking of our SLA. Why? see below..

Why can't we seek damages?

No, we do not recognise this as a possibility, there are many reasons why we can't be held liable in the event of unexpected downtime if you'd like to know more please contact us.

99%, do you plan on improving this?

Yes. We have never dropped below 99.9% uptime, however, at present, our official policy is 99%. We are constantly looking to improve on this figure.

Support responses?

Our support SLA to new support questions differs between the packages we offer:

  • Pluto: First response in 4*hours
  • Earth: First response in 2* hours
  • Saturn: First response in 2* hours
  • Jupiter: First response in 2* hours
  • Cosmos: First response in 2* hours

*First response times displayed are only valid during business hours 9am - 5pm (GMT) Mon-Fri and differ where pays for our service via a third party such as Brightpearl.

Need a custom SLA?

We realise every business and organisation is different and in certain cases may require a custom SLA. If you would like to discuss a specific SLA, please get in touch, we would be happy to help.