You can map custom shipping methods from your channels, which can be useful if your shipping methods do not show up for some reason. This is especially useful for Magento users using extension such as MatrixRate.

At the Edit Formula section on the add/edit shipping rules page, select Shipping Method. Then select whether you'd like it to be equal or not equal to the shipping method you'll add.

Select 'custom' from the third drop down, which will allow you to type a shipping method name you have on your channel.  This should be EXACTLY as it is in your channel.  ie. Case sensitive with no extra or missed spaces.

Note: You can use a wildcard (*) to map multiple instances of a shipping method into a single rule. This means that DPD* will match any shipping method with DPD at the beginning of it.

You can then carry on with the rule as normal, ie specify any other constraints you need to and finally hitting save at the bottom of the page when you're complete. More on setting up your shipping rules here.

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