Connecting your UK Mail account with Shiptheory is very easy and will allow you to start booking your orders in instantly. 

In early 2019 UK Mail was purchased by DHL and renamed to DHL Parcel UK. In some places within DHL, they still refer to it as UK Mail. Within Shiptheory, UK Mail and DHL Parcel UK are interchangeable. 

Before you get started:
You will need an iConsign account with UK Mail. If you do not yet have an iConsign account you can create one here.

1. Enable UK Mail within your account:

The first thing you'll need to do is select UK Mail as a carrier you'd like to use. To do this, you will want to go to the carrier's page within your account. From this page, scroll down until you see the UK Mail option and click to enable it within your account. It shouldn't be too far down, the list is in alphabetical order

2. Enter your UK Mail account details:

Once enabled, you will be taken to the UK Mail settings page. This is where you will enter your UK Mail details to connect the account to Shiptheory. 

The details you will need can be seen below:

  • iConsign Username
  • iConsign Password
  • UK Mail Account Number

If you're not sure where you can find these details, you can contact your UK Mail account manager to request them, or call UK Mail on 024 7693 7770.

You will also need to enter your Earliest Collection Time and Latest Collection Time at this point too.

3. Test the connection:

After entering your UK Mail details, you can test the connection. To do this, scroll down and click the Test Connection button. If you get a green tick, as shown below, you're all set to go! Just hit Save and UK Mail is successfully connected!

Test connection failing? The first thing to do is to double-check the details you've entered are correct. If they are, reach out to our Support Team, who will be able to assist you in finishing your setup. 

4. Configure the advanced settings:

You will also want to quickly take a look through the advanced settings available for UK Mail. To access these settings, click the Advanced Settings option at the very bottom of the UK Mail settings page (as seen above). 

This will expand the page to reveal further settings available with UK Mail through Shiptheory. These settings are not required to use UK Mail with Shiptheory so you may not need to edit any of them.

Would you like some help connecting this up? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!