Shipping Rules allow you to entirely automate your shipping decisions. A combination of shipment weight, value and destination can be used to send orders to carriers on a specific service without any manual intervention. Our shipping rules engine is designed to save time and eliminate errors. You can read more about our Shipping Rules engine here.

I Don't Want to use Shipping Rules

We understand that there are times when automated shipping rule decisions won't be suitable. Perhaps you have a special requirement from a customer or need to rush something out of the door with a carrier you do not usually use. Shiptheory is flexible and gives you the choice to create shipping labels with your preferred carrier without any typing. As we have already have pulled your order down from your channel, you can turn it into a label at a click of a button.

  1. Find the order you wish to create a label for and click View from the menu. The order must either be Ignored or Not Ready in Shiptheory. You can read more about Shiptheory order statuses here.

  2. Select your preferred carrier and service. Then click Print Label.

  3. A label will be created, your carrier and channel will be updated and any tracking numbers updated against the order in Shiptheory.