Shiptheory is a subscription-based service where you can either pay monthly or annually. There are 5 subscription plan options you can choose from, with lowest being a free account.

The subscription plan costs move up depending on a few key factors:
- How many shipments you send per month
- How many carriers you ship with

- How many sales channels you connect to Shiptheory to bring in your orders

What are the different subscription plans?

As mentioned above, Shiptheory offers a total of 5 different set subscription plans that can cover the needs of all business sizes. Whether you are a sole trader and ship only a few shipments every month, or a large scale business with multiple warehouses, there is a Shiptheory plan that can fit your needs!

You can find all Shiptheory's subscription plans, and their respective features, from our pricing page.

What if I reach my monthly shipment quota?

We understand that your business' needs may change, that is why Shiptheory works on a subscription basis. It allows you to easily move up and down between subscription plans depending on what you need at that time. 

If you're experiencing a one-off increase in sales, you may not want to move up a whole subscription plan. This is why Shiptheory also offers Bolt-ons. These are an addition of extra shipments to your currently monthly quota, that last until your monthly quota resets. You can read more about Shiptheory's Bolt-ons on this guide, what are Bolt-ons?

Does Shiptheory offer a free trial?

Yes! When you create a Shiptheory account, it gives you a 2-week trial to setup and test with. During this period, you also have full access to Shiptheory's Support Team, who will be more than happy to assist you with the setup of your account.

You can sign up for a free 2-week trial by going to our website and registering for an account.

Have any questions about Shiptheory's costs? Our Support Team would be happy to answer your questions!