Connecting in Shiptheory

The first step to add Adobe Commerce to your Shiptheory account and get shipments coming through is to add it as a channel. To do this, head to your "Manage Channels" page and find Adobe Commerce:

Once you have added Adobe Commerce as a channel, you'll be taken to a page prompting you to install the Shiptheory extension into your Adobe Commerce store. This page will also provide you an API Key. Be sure to make a note of this, as it will be needed later.

Adding Shiptheory within Adobe Commerce

See below for step by step instructions to install the Shiptheory extension in your Adobe Commerce Store:

The first step will be to find Shiptheory within the Adobe Commerce Marketplace, you can search for Shiptheory and from there you'll have the option to add this to your store:

Configuration within your Store

Once you've added the Shiptheory extension to your store, the next step is to ensure that the API Key we saved earlier is populated in your store as needed and that we've enabled webhooks. To do this, head to Sales > Shiptheory > Configuration within your store:

Within this page, you'll want to paste your API Key from Shiptheory into the API Key field and ensure that you've enabled webhooks:

Then, be sure to hit "Save Config". This will then create an Integration for Shiptheory within your System > Integrations.

Once you've followed those steps and headed back to your Adobe Commerce setup page within Shiptheory, you should see a successful connection:

Once you've done this, orders should automatically come through to Shiptheory once "shipped" within Adobe Commerce. Of course, if you do have any issues or questions there, please Contact Support.

How to send orders to Shiptheory from Adobe Commerce

To send an order from your Adobe Commerce store to Shiptheory once connected, you'll want to make sure to "Ship" your orders. As Shiptheory will automatically pull in any new Shipments from the point you connect. To do this, you can select an order within your store and in your actions dropdown click "Ship with Shiptheory":

Once you've shipped the order, the shipment will then automatically pull through to Shiptheory:

The order can then be booked either automatically or manually depending on your workflow! See more information here on Manual Booking and Automatic Booking with Rules.

Additional Information

To ensure that your Adobe Commerce store can successfully connect to Shiptheory, there's an important thing to check. Within your store, follow this path: Stores > Configuration > Services > OAuth > Consumer Settings:

Within the Consumer Settings, ensure that the setting "Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens" is set to Yes:

With all of the above steps taken, your store should successfully connect and send orders to Shiptheory as needed! Of course, if you have any issues from there, just let us know!