Adding Extended Cover to a DHL Parcel UK shipment is as easy as selecting the Extended Cover enhancement when creating a shipping rule or manually booking a shipment, as below:

Domestic Shipments

For domestic consignments, you are able to set the amount of cover that you would like to have applied to your shipments when booking a shipment with the Extended Cover enhancement:

To find this setting, head to your DHL Parcel UK settings and click the grey Advanced Settings icon in the bottom left. Scroll down to the Extended Cover Amount setting and enter a cover amount in £1,000 increments, e.g. 2000, 7000, up to a maximum of 10000. Click Save.

International Shipments

Selecting Extended Cover with EU and international shipments simply requests that DHL Parcel UK adds extended cover to the shipment. Please contact your DHL Parcel UK account or sales manager to find out what this means and what cover is applied to your shipments.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the Shiphtheory support team