Create a new integration by going to Carriers > Manage Carriers and clicking on DHL Parcel UK

In order to begin shipping with DHL Parcel UK Shiptheory requires the following details. You can obtain these from your DHL account manager.

  1. Customer Account Number - This is the overarching account number for your DHL account. It should be in the format of CUS-123456
  2. API Client ID - The first part of your API client credentials
  3. API Client Secret - The second part of your API client credentials
  4. At least one of your operational account numbers:
    1. Domestic Operational Account - Used when shipping domestically with domestic services
    2. International Road Operational Account - Used when shipping internationally with road services 
    3. International Air Operational Account - Used when shipping internationally with air services

Ensure that you have set a collection cutoff time and a default goods description for customs

Once you have entered all of your details click test connection. If your details are correct and Shiptheory was able to make a connection to DHL Parcel UK then you will see a green tick.