When on the Shiptheory dashboard, you're able to right click and order and select "view" to see the order's specific information:

You may want to edit certain order information before an order is actually sent to a carrier. If you use Approval rules or manually book this will likely work best for you.

If you scroll down the products section you'll see it's possible to select "edit" on each product:

Once you've clicked this, you'll see that you can edit the different fields within the product. This may be useful if you want to update the product quantity, or perhaps the value of this product specifically before the order is sent to the carrier:

Once you've made your needed changes, make sure to hit "save". From that point, any changes you've made to the products within the order will be passed on when you book the order.

IMPORTANT: When you make changes to order information; the Product Weight, value and quantity will only update within this specific shipment. Any other information being updated will be updated in your Shiptheory product catalogue. However, we usually recommend that for any product information changes that are going to be permanent, it's worth updating the information in your Channel.

If you have any questions or issues there, please feel free to Contact Support.