It is now possible for you to select multiple orders within your dashboard and hit "retry", rather than having to do them one by one. This may be useful if you have a number of orders that have had their details updated in your channel since they initially sent through, or if you have a number of failed orders that will work after a retry.

Bulk Retrying Shipments

To do this, you will want to select the orders needing retrying on your dashboard, and then hit "Retry" in the options at the top of the page:

Whilst they are in the process of retrying, you will see that the shipments will have the status "Retrying":

Upon completion, you will also see the banner at the top of the page notify you of this being done:

Options on the Dashboard

If you are bulk retrying a lot of shipments, you may want to keep track of which shipments are in the process of Retrying at any one time. One good way to do this is to set up a tab within your dashboard to specifically view shipments in the Retrying status.

To do this, you can create a new tab and ensure that only "Retrying" is selected as the status:

You can edit other settings as you wish to make the tab more specific or broad, and when done hit save!

If you have any questions there, please feel free to Contact Support.