To connect TikTok to Shiptheory

It is recommended you start the integration from our end by following the steps below. But you should be able to find Shiptheory app in TikTok Shop App market.

Locate the menu bar the left, choose "Channels" > "Manage Channels"

Scroll down until you found TikTok under "Manage all the sales channels you use to import orders", click on the Green plus icon

Choose the market where your Store is located, and click Continue

You will be redirected to TikTok. Please login with your seller account and authorize our App:

In (1), confirm your market and click Next

(2) Choose your Target Shop and choose 1 Year for the authorization period (or as long as you can)

(3) Read through the conditions and click Authorize

You will be redirected to Shiptheory again. Please choose your TikTok Shop in the dropdown and click Continue.

Please take note once you selected a shop you cannot change it afterwards. Also, for each TikTok shop, you can only setup ONE channel integration in Shiptheory.

Upon successful connection, you should use the Connected message like below:

Sender Address

By default, Shiptheory will use the package's Warehouse Address for sender address in your Shipment. You can change If you prefer to use the default Shipping Location. To see or change the default Shipping Address, click here.

Please note some carrier UPS like will have the sender address setup inside their setting page in Shiptheory.