Starting a new Picking List Template

To get started, navigate to your Shiptheory dashboard, and from there, click on Settings and then click on Picking Lists.

This will redirect you to the Picking Lists setup page. From there, simply click on Add New Template, to add a new Picking List template to your Shiptheory account.

When you have clicked Add a New Template, this will redirect you to a page allowing you to configure your Picking List Details.

Firstly, you will want to select the couriers / sales channels that you want to use your Picking List with, such as DPD and Brightpearl.

Secondly, you will want to choose when the Picking Lists should be printed, you can print them Manually, or alternatively, you can print them Automatically, with your Shipping Labels or to a printer of your choice.

Once you have specified the printing settings for your Picking List, you will need to specify the page size for your Picking List. You can either, use a page size that is listed from within the drop-down, or you can specify your own custom sizes. In this example, we will use A4.

Once this is done, the fundamentals for your Picking List have been completed, the next step is to design your Picking List.