This guide will cover the Master Picking List functionality available in Shiptheory. A Master Picking List is simply a picking list that can be generated for multiple consignments at once. Up to 100 consignments can be selected at any one time to create a picking list.

Generating a Master Picking List

You can generate a Master Picking List through selecting multiple consignments on the Shiptheory Advanced Dashboard. 

Locate the shipments that you wish to combine a Picking List for, and select them using the check-boxes to the left side of the dashboard:

Once you have selected your shipments, locate and select the Create Master Picking List button on the action bar at the top of the dashboard. Once pressed, you will be given the option to Download PDF, or print to any printers that is available for manual printing, as per your printing configuration found here.

Once you have selected how to print the Picking List, the Master Picking List will either download or print to the printer you selected. The Master Picking List will look similar to the following:

That is the entire process for generating and printing a Master Picking List.

Noteworthy Points On This Functionality 

- You can combine products from up to 100 consignments for any one Master Picking List

- Multiple pages will be generated if there are too many products for one page

- Unlike our singular Picking Lists, you are currently unable to customize the template / format of a Master Picking List

- There is no limit to how many products can be included on a Master Picking List

- Product quantities will stack across separate shipments - if the same product is seen on two shipments, this will only contribute to the quantity seen on the Picking List, and will not have the product(s) populated numerous times

- This functionality is only available through the Shiptheory Advanced Dashboard

Need any help with this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!