From the settings of your Returns Shop account, under Return Rules, it is possible to set a booking fee that is charged to your customers for specific returns reason and carrier services they can select during the returns process.



The amount you enter here will have a £1.50 platform fee added before the customer see's it. So, if the above booking fee of £5 was added to a DPD return rule, for example, the customer would be presented with the DPD option as £6.50, as shown below:

What is the platform fee for?

The platform fee is used to cover the operating costs of the platform, and includes all card processing fees and taxes.

How is the booking fee paid out to me?

At the end of each month, you will be emailed a report showing detailing the booking fees collected on your behalf over the previous 30 days. Reply to that email providing an invoice for the total amount and the invoice will be paid within 5 working days. You must have collected at least £100 in booking fees to be paid out. Any figure under this amount will be rolled over to the next month until you qualify.

Have questions?

If you would like to know more, reach out to support.