This guide will cover the main Dashboard page in your Returns portal, and the specific options within this. On your main dashboard, you have the option to view your portal, and change settings as shown above, but there are also other key information points that we'll cover.

To-dos- For any Returns requests that require approval, those will be stored in your "Returns Requiring Attention" section of your dashboard. You can select this to view the Returns you have waiting for review:

On this page, you can view any open returns waiting on a verdict:
Upon hitting view, you'll be taken to that specific return request. You can view specific information here, such as the return reason, any images attached by the customer, the customer's order history and returns history. You can also Approve or Reject the request, as well as then marking the Return as "complete" once you've made your verdict:
If a Return is approved, the customer will receive an email (this will use the email template set up previously in the "Email Templates" settings page. As well as the actual returns label itself:
30 Day Returns History- This is a graphic that will show the overall amount of returns made in the last 30 days, alongside their value:

If you have any issues or questions from there at all, please reach out to our Support Team and we'll be happy to give you a hand!