This guide will cover the user facing functionality of the Shiptheory Returns Portal. 

To view the customer facing Returns Portal for your shop, you can click "View Portal" on the dashboard:

This will to the main customer portal. Any changes previously made in your settings should be reflected here:

Customers can input their order number and delivery postcode to find the order that they're wanting to return. Once input, click "find order":

Providing this is a valid order within your Shiptheory account, this will then open the products within said order. The customer can choose which of these products they're wanting to return, select the reason from the options (previously set up in the "Return Reasons" settings page), as well as any additional information about the return:

The next page will allow the customer to select which Returns Service they want to be used. These options will be pulled from the "Delivery Services" settings page:

The customer will then see a confirmation page, the text on this is again customisable. This is determined by the "Returns Policy" settings page:

If you have any issues or questions from there at all, please reach out to our Support Team and we'll be happy to give you a hand!