When viewing our plans you may have noticed that we offer users per each subscription tier.

Within Shiptheory there are many reasons in which you might require a separate user, but first how do you create these accounts?

From your Shiptheory dashboard you will be able to find the Manage Users tab by clicking on the Building Icon -> Manage Users. Please note that only Saturn and above subscriptions will be able to create additional users, if you would like to upgrade your account click here.

From here you will be able to manage your users as well as create new users and manage their permissions depending on what the user is required for.

User accounts can be used when you would like someone else to be able to access shipments such as a warehouse account however you would not like them to be able to view company details or billing depending on the permissions set.

You can however also have multiple computers logged into the same account at the same time. This means you may only need one warehouse user which can be logged into multiple machines across your warehouse.

User accounts can also have a default printer assigned to them which is great if you have multiple users which are able to print to independent printers!

If you would like support in setting up user accounts or have more questions regarding the functionality of what our User accounts can do please get in touch with the Shiptheory support team here!