If your shipping process with BigCommerce is to partially fulfil items from an order, it is possible for Shiptheory to accommodate this. Due to how our BigCommerce integration works, each fulfilment will create a separate shipment within Shiptheory.

Firstly, make sure that Shiptheory is set to receive Orders from BigCommerce. You can find this under Advanced Settings on your BigCommerce integration channel page.

(For more information on deciding to select orders or shipments with BigCommerce, take a look at our guide here.)

You may also want to select a BigCommerce status update for orders that are Partially Shipped (as below) and Completed.

Once these are set, navigate back to your BigCommerce order page, and select Ship items:

From there, select the quantity that you'd like to fulfil:

This partially fulfilled order will then be received by Shiptheory, and a separate shipment created for each subsequent fulfilment of the order.

This can be done until the order is completed!

If you have any questions at all about our BigCommerce integration or any other issues, please contact support here or give us a call on +44 (0)117 433 4313.