When attempting to connect to a Magento 2 store you may get this error message "Failed to connect. Unable to authenticate with Magento. You are required to configure personal Two-Factor Authorization in order to login. Please check your email." from this error message there are a few solutions to resolve this issue.

Upgrade to newest version

If you are currently experiencing this issue you may be using an outdated or unsupported version of Magento2. To reinstall the module please use this guide which links to the latest version of Magento 2.

Unable to update Magento 2

If you are unable to update your Magento 2 store you will need to disable your Magento2 2FA (2 factor authentication) in order to do this please follow the steps outlined below. 

1. Once logged into Magento 2 visit: 

Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Security > 2FA and set Enable 2FA to No.

1a. Or run the below command;
   bin/magento config:set twofactorauth/general/enable 0

2. After this you will also need to disable 2FA for API Token Generation this can be done by visiting: 

Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Security > 2FA and set Enable 2FA for API Token Generation to No.

2a. Or alternatively use the Magento 2 command below;
      CLI: bin/magento config:set twofactorauth/general/enable_for_api_token_generation 0

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