Tax Number

Shiptheory pulls down one recipient tax number from most channels. This tax number is used for carriers as the EORI or VAT number of the recipient.

It can be entered into the API in the `tax_number` field in the recipient section of the API. 

It cannot be added or changed on the Shiptheory interface. If you do need to add or change this as part of your shipping process, let support know.

Tax Numbers with Types

Shiptheory does give the capability to distinguish between types of recipient tax numbers. This is only supported by certain carriers.

You can do this by entering the tax number type and value into the recipient section of the API in the `tax_numbers` field. It can also be added or changed on the Shiptheory interface in the shipment popup in the below section.

The following tax number types are currently supported:

  • VAT
  • EORI
  • PID

Only certain carriers support these fields and the carriers only require this in particular circumstances so you don't need to worry about filling them in unless one of the below carriers or we have asked you to. 

  • DHL
  • Palletways
  • DPD
  • DPD Local

If you fill these fields in and the carrier accepts them, they will be used. Otherwise, the standard tax number without a type will be used. If the carrier does not support this feature, adding to or changing these fields will not do anything.

If you need any further information on how Shiptheory deals with tax numbers or international shipping, don't hesitate to contact support.