This guide is for Magento 2 users on version 1.0.7 of the Shiptheory Module

This error is caused due to the product catalogue permissions not being set correctly during the install of the Shiptheory Module. One of the results of this issue is that product data like commodity information will not be able to get pulled down, instead you will receive the error Consumer isn't authorized to access %resources. shown in the image below;


Users on 1.0.7 DO NOT need to upgrade to resolve this issue. Contact your Magento 2 developer to manually update your permissions on the "Shiptheory" integration in your Magento admin Panel

Once logged into the Magento admin panel navigate to:

System -> Integrations -> [edit] shiptheory

From here you will need to add the three product permissions shown in the image below and save:

If you get stuck or require further help on resolving this issue please contact us for our support team to assist you.