When sending orders with Tuffnells through Shiptheory, a manifest is made at the end of each day that contains the orders that have been sent through up until your cut-off time. The data is sent automatically to Tuffnells electronically, but there's also the option to print a paper version.

Currently, historic paper manifests aren't stored on the Shiptheory system for Tuffnells, and as such, we recommend that you generate a paper manifest when you're done with the day's orders and save it to your system so that you have a record of your previous manifests on your side.

As you can see, when processing Tuffnells manifests, they won't actually show on your Manifest History page:

To do this, head into your Tuffnells manifest page in Shiptheory here:

On this page, you can then hit "print manifest" to generate a PDF of your paper manifest for Tuffnells:

So long as each time you print a manifest, you save the PDF to your system, you should then have a record of your historic manifests on your side if needed. For some more information on the Tuffnells manifesting system, please see here: Managing your Tuffnells manifest

If you have any questions or issues from there, please Contact Support.