At the end of each day, any Tuffnells labels you have created prior to the Latest Collection Time set in your Tuffnells settings are automatically and electronically communicated to Tuffnells. After manifest data has been sent to Tuffnells each day, you will be able to track your Tuffnells deliveries using the Tuffnells Proof of Delivery web site. 

Any Tuffnells labels you create after your Latest Collection Time will be added to the following days manifest. The electronic manifest is sent to Tuffnells on the next hour after your Latest Collection Time each day. If 16:30 is your last collection time, your electronic manifest will run at 17:00, for example.

Printing a Paper Manifest 

Tuffnells request that you print a paper version of your manifest that you give to the Tuffnells collection driver each day. You can print a paper version of your Tuffnells manifest here

Deleting Labels from your Manifest

Tuffnells charge you based on what is transferred each day in the automatic electronic manifest. To avoid additional charges, you should delete any labels you have not used from the manifest before the end of the day. 

You can delete labels from your daily manifest here.

Shipping with labels you have deleted from the manifest may cause additional charges from Tuffnells and delays at the depot.