Sometimes when processing orders through Shiptheory from Unleashed, it may be the case that you need to change some of the information on an order.

For example, you may notice that at the time of sending from Unleashed, the order didn't have a weight and this needs to change. It's important to note that the information from Unleashed is locked at the time the order comes through; this means that if you make a change in Unleashed and hit retry on the order in Shiptheory, the change won't pull through.

If the address information is incorrect, or the overall shipment weight or value needs changing, see the information below in the guide. However, if the products are what need changing, the process is slightly different; product information specifically can't be changed on an order already in Shiptheory. That being the case, you'll instead need to create the order again in Shiptheory but ensure the product information is correct, this can be done one of two ways, see those below;

Manually Creating Shipments in the Dashboard
Importing Shipments via CSV

Other changes to an order you'll want to make in Shiptheory itself. The process will be slightly different depending on whether the order has already been booked with a carrier or not. See info on this below;

Order already booked-

If the order has already been sent through Shiptheory and booked with the carrier, the way to change this information will be to "rebook" the order in Shiptheory. To do this, firstly find the order in your dashboard and click "view" on the dropdown. You'll then want to make the needed changes to the order. Once the changes are made, scroll down and hit "Rebook Shipment":

That will then prompt you to add the carrier and service. Make sure this is correct, and double check the weight and boxes are also correct, then hit "Create Label":

IMPORTANT- Before this, you'll want to double check whether your carrier charges you upon label creation or not. More info can be seen here: When will you be charged for shipping labels?

If it looks to be the case that the carrier charges upon label creation, you'll first want to contact them to ensure you won't be charged for the first booking.

Order not yet booked-

If the order is not yet booked, the process here is much simpler. Again, you'll want to find the order, hit "view" and make the needed changes to the order. Then, scroll to the top of the order and select your carrier and service, make sure again that the Weight and Boxes are correct and hit create label:

The updated information will be sent to the carrier and you will then be good to go.