Royal Mail

Royal Mail charge for Tracked and Traced Returns labels when they are scanned by the collection driver, whereas all other services are charged or when the manifest is submitted (printed by you from Shiptheory). To cancel a tracked label you just need to destroy the label before it is collected. To cancel any other label before printing the manifest, you can delete it from your pending manifest. To cancel any label after manifest/collection, you will need to contact your Royal Mail account manager.

Important: You must destroy any Royal Mail labels you have printed if you delete them from the manifest, if you ship deleted labels, Royal Mail will charge you a penalty - Under no circumstance should you dispatch deleted Royal Mail labels.

You are safe to include Shiptheory generated Royal Mail Tracked Returns label in every outgoing box, as Royal Mail will only bill you for these labels if the customer uses them.


You will not be charged for a shipment until Parcelforce have a scanned that label into their network.


You are charged when there are two different scans on the parcel such as a drivers pick up scan or a depot scan or a delivery scan etc.


You will not be charged for labels that are not used to physically ship a package. Charges are only determined when a label is scanned and picked up by a FedEx courier.


13ten labels are only chargeable once they have been received and scanned on-site by the 13ten driver when making the day's collection. This means that any labels you create to test, or by mistake will not be charged for by 13ten if you do not give them to 13ten.

Despatch Bay

When Shiptheory sends a shipment to your Despatch Bay account, Despatch Bay allocate the cost of the shipment from your Despatch Bay credit balance.

If you no longer need the a specific label, you can cancel the label within the Despatch Bay website. After cancelling the label, providing the delivery driver does not scan the label, your Despatch Bay credit will be refunded. This may take several days.


You will be charged for InPost labels when they are scanned either at an InPost locker or by a collection driver. This means that if you do not wish to use a label before it has been scanned, you can safely discard it to not be charged.


As soon as myHermes provides a label or tracking number to your Shiptheory account, the label is considered chargeable by myHermes, even if you do not use the label. To cancel any labels you have not used and request a refund, you must contact your myHermes account manager.


Shipments are charged on delivery or arrival at country of delivery. If a shipment has not been physically scanned, it will be deleted after 5 working days. Shipments are only billed when a completion scan is applied.


Labels are chargeable once they've been scanned by a TNT driver or depot.

P2P Mailing

Shipments are charged when the parcels are physically accepted in P2P Mailing warehouse. So when data is sent to their system the status is CREATED – no charge. When the parcel is scanned in their warehouse status is ACCEPTED – charged.


Labels are chargeable once they've been scanned by in by Hermes.


Labels are chargeable once they've been scanned by the warehouse.


Labels are chargeable once label is created. If there are any labels that won't be used, they need to be voided in the UPS website. You should be able to see the shipments on the login. It may be possible to void them from there, but labels can only be voided the same day they are created. You will not be able to void historical ones. 

Swiss Post

There are no cancellations of label creations. If the shipment doesn’t take place, the label will be automatically cancelled after a while. Only labels that have been scanned in by Swiss Post (parcels physically handed over to Swiss Post) will be invoiced and deemed as chargeable. Swisspost provide no refunds for charged labels.

DX Express Courier / DX Freight

Labels are chargeable once they are created, unless they are cancelled.

DX Express Secure

Labels are chargeable once they are scanned into the DX network.