Within Shiptheory it is possible to set up rules which will automatically set a shipment's status to 'Waiting'. These shipments require manual approval from you or a member of your team in order for them to be booked in with a courier. 

To set a shipment's status to 'Waiting', go to the advanced settings for your shipping rule and change the value of the 'What should happen when this Rule Matches' option to 'Mark shipment for approval' as shown below.

Bulk shipping makes it possible to ship multiple shipments with a 'Waiting' status at once. However, two conditions must be met before a shipment can be queued for bulk shipping. 

  1.  The shipment must have a courier associated with it before being selected for bulk shipping
  2.  The shipment must have a courier service associated with it before being selected for bulk shipping

If a shipment does not meet these criteria, then it will fail to be shipped with the rest of the selected shipments and its status will remain as 'Waiting'. 

In order to bulk ship waiting orders, simply navigate to the 'Waiting to Ship' tab on the dashboard (as shown in the red circle). Then select the shipments you wish to ship by clicking on the tick boxes to the left of each shipment (as shown in the green rectangle). 

Once you have selected your shipments, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the dropdown menu in the bottom left and select 'Bulk Ship'

This will place your shipments into a shipping queue and change the status of your shipments to 'Queued'. 

Once the shipment has been through the queue system and has successfully shipped, the status of the shipment will be set to 'Complete'.

Rebooking a Queued Shipment

Shipments which have been booked in and have the Queued status can be rebooked as normal from the dashboard. Doing so will remove the shipment from the shipping queue and create a label for it immediately. 

Cancelling a Queued Shipment

Queued shipments cannot currently be cancelled.

If you have any queries or questions about this, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!