Within the Shiptheory dashboard, you have the ability to control many things about an order, this guide will outline the many different things you can do while 'Viewing' an order.

An 'Ignored' order

An order that shows the status of 'Ignored' has not been automatically booked in by Shiptheory as it does not match any Shipping Rules. This is not an error, perhaps you do not want Shiptheory to process this shipment, or you would like to specify which Carrier or Service this shipment will be shipped with.

From here you can specify what Carrier or Service this particular order will be assigned when being booked in:

You can select from a drop down list of your integrated Carriers and their corresponding Services, an example is shown below:

Once you choose the Carrier and service some more options may appear, these are Carrier/Service specific and one thing to note is that they are not all required, in the instance above, the Carrier, Service and Format are, but any Enhancements are not.

Once you are happy with the Carrier/Service selection, clicking the 'Create Label' button will attempt to book your Shipment with the Carrier. Some carriers have restrictions about printing orders after a day of them booking so it's worth trying to print the label on the same day as booking. 

A 'Failed' order

An order that shows the status of  'Failed' means there was a problem communicating with the carrier or a channel. Click View on the corresponding shipment and scroll to the bottom. The Shipment History will provide detailed error messages that will help you get to the bottom of the issue. An example of a failed order is shown below:

As you can see above the history is telling us that the order details are missing the 'Delivery Country' and that the Service either we selected or a Shipping rule assigned this order is invalid for the Shipment.

This can easily be fixed by scrolling up and viewing the 'Customer Details' as shown below:

You can edit any number of these fields to ensure the order is sent with the correct details, in the example above I have input the correct 'Country' so the order will book in with the Carrier.

The 'Print Label' button at the top of the page will now attempt to book in the shipment with your newly input data.

You will notice two other buttons at the bottom of the order page.

The 'Continue' button will save any changes you've made to the order in Shiptheory, but won't book the order in.

The 'Retry' button will re-trigger the order and send it through again using the information in your channel rather than in Shiptheory.

A 'Complete' order

When viewing an order with the 'Complete' status it will look different to when viewing an 'Ignored' or 'Failed' order, an example is shown below:

The 'Print Label' button will attempt to reprint the shipping label generated for the order. Some carriers have restrictions about printing orders after a day of the booking so it's worth trying to print the label on the same day as booking.

Where possible, the 'Track' button will redirect to the carrier tracking page where you can track your orders delivery progress.

The 'Expand Details' button will show the recipient and order information we have in Shiptheory for that order.

The 'Rebook Shipment' button will bring up the option to select a carrier and service and again, book the order with any changes you've made since it came through.

Need Help?

If you are having trouble with your orders, please get in touch. We are happy to help.