Many of the carriers you can ship with through Shiptheory require product data, such as weight and various pieces of commodity data. OnBuy does not store this data, however, Shiptheory does. When Shiptheory downloads orders from your OnBuy account, any products that have not yet been seen by Shiptheory are downloaded. 

It is possible to set a default weight per product via the advanced section of the OnBuy settings page. This behaviour is disabled by default. You can enable it from the advanced section of your OnBuy settings page in Shiptheory. The advanced settings can be found in the bottom left corner.

In the below example, all products will be set to have a weight of 250 grams. In this example, a shipment with 4 products on (regardless of what products), would then weigh 1Kg.

Commodity Data in OnBuy

You can view all of the products we have downloaded from your OnBuy orders via the main menu in Shiptheory, accessed by clicking your email address in the top bar and then Advanced -> Products. From this same interface, you can also update product data Shiptheory has for your products. This allows you to fill in the blanks. The data you set here will then be used when shipping orders containing those same products from OnBuy.

If you have questions regarding OnBuy product data, how to ship internationally, or any other OnBuy shipping related questions, please contact support.