When using Shiptheory alongside TNT, Shiptheory is able to print out your TNT Consignment note along with your order. If you have commercial invoices set to print with your orders, and you have defined a printer for these to print from, a TNT consignment note will automatically print alongside this documentation.

To ensure this is enabled and ready to use, you'll want to first enable TNT to have commercial invoices generate and print through Shiptheory. To do this, firstly, navigate to your Import/Export documents page in the "advanced" section of your account dropdown:

You'll then want to ensure that for TNT, commercial invoice generation is enabled:

From there, you'll want to click "advanced settings" in the bottom left of the page:

Within this page, you will see many other options for your commercial invoices that will be further outlined here. But the main thing we're looking for right now is the commercial invoice printer, which you can then define to auto print:

Once enabled and saved, you should find that on needed TNT orders, you'll now have TNT Consignment notes that print alongside your commercial invoices, and will look like this:

If you have any questions or issues from there, please feel free to Contact Support.