If you have arranged weekend and/or UK bank holiday parcel collections from your premises with DHL Parcel UK, they will have enabled something called the "Deferred API" on your account. You will need to reflect this change in your DHL settings in Shiptheory so that your shipments are booked in with the correct collection dates.

Navigate to your DHL Parcel UK settings in Shiptheory and in the bottom-left click the grey Advanced Settings icon.

Scroll down to the Deferred API Enabled? and Weekend Collections settings and set Deferred API Enabled? to "Yes, Enabled on account":

Select the weekend days that you have arranged with DHL Parcel UK to collect from your premises and click Save.

Shiptheory will now treat the selected weekend day(s) and UK bank holidays as a normal parcel collection day when booking shipments.

If you have also arranged a Daily Collection from DHL Parcel UK, please refer to this article regarding setting your parcel collection times in Shiptheory: DHL Parcel UK: Collection Times & Daily Collections

If you have any questions about Weekend or Bank Holiday Collections or the Deferred API, please contact your DHL Parcel UK account manager. For any further help or questions about Shiptheory, just reach out to the Shiptheory support team!