If you're perhaps coming to the end of your trial and are selecting a plan, or perhaps you are moving down a plan level for a quieter time of year, you may see the following error when attempting to choose:

"You are currently using more than that package allows. Please select a subscription that better fits your requirement"

This will display at the top of the subscriptions screen like this:

There can be a few reasons for this, as there's multiple factors that determine what plan you're able to select:

You can see these labelled above, I'll explain each one further:

1. Shipments Per Month- This is the most obvious one, the amount of shipments that you put through in a month, if you put through more than that package allows in a month, choosing that package won't be right for you.

2. Shiptheory Users- In your Shiptheory account, you have your "owner" user, the default user that created the account, but sub-users can also be created for warehouse staff or supervisors. If you have more users added than the package allows, you'll also see this error. Your users can be viewed, edited or removed on the Manage Users page here: https://helm.shiptheory.com/company/users

3. Connected Carriers- This is the amount of carrier connections you have registered on your Shiptheory account. It's also important to note that multiple connections of the same carrier will count as another carrier connection. So, for example, if you had two connected instances of DPD on your account, that would count as 2 carriers. You can view, add and remove carrier connections on your Manage Carriers page here: https://helm.shiptheory.com/couriers

4. Connected Channels- This works the same way as the connected carriers in that, multiple connected instances of the same channel will count as separate channels. Two Brightpearl connections will count as 2 channels. You can view, add and remove your channel connections on your Manage Channels page here: https://helm.shiptheory.com/integrations

One useful way to see this is to access the Billing History page here: https://helm.shiptheory.com/billing

On that page you can see your shipment usage for the current month, as well as the amount of connected carriers, channels and active users:

If you have any questions or issues there, please feel free to contact support.