Needing more or fewer shipments per month? Well, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime you like!

Firstly, you want to log on to your Shiptheory account and go to your 'Advanced' settings, then select 'Billing'.

You will then be able to click 'Change Subscription' and select the package that suits you. You can take a look at our available plans here;, they will also appear when you click 'Change Subscription'.

When you choose your subscription, you will then be charged for the new subscription and any unused credit will be deducted or added to your account for that month. Everything will be pro-rata-ed so you don't need to worry about calculating things yourself.

It works the same if you want to change from a Monthly Plan to an Annual Plan and vise versa!

If you have any questions or need some help with doing this then feel free to contact us by email at or call on 0117 403 4313.

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