If you want to check the status of your shipments, you can use the Track button within Shiptheory to do so.

There are 2 ways to access the Track option. 

First is directly on your dashboard across each order. Select which order you want to track, and then click the drop-down arrow. One of the options is Track, please click it.

The other option is located within the 'shipment view' screen. You can access this screen by clicking View on the same drop-down (screenshot above). You'll see the Track button on the top section of the page.

Once you have clicked Track, and if the service used supports tracking, then you'll be redirected to the courier's tracking website. You will see shipping updates just like below:

If the service used doesn't have tracking functionality, then you'll see the below message:

If you get a message saying the tracking number is invalid or something similar, it's most probably because the shipment has just been booked. Please note that tracking references will only be live a day after the shipment has been booked.

If you come across issues when using the Track option, or has some other concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team.