When booking in orders through Shiptheory, sometimes an order will fail to book in with your carrier. The reason why this order has failed can range from a simple mistake on the address to issues with carrier accounts. This guide will hopefully aid you when attempting to find a reason for why an order failed to book in.

You can find all your failed orders in Shiptheory by going to the Failed tab within your Shiptheory Dashboard. You're also able to find failed orders by using the All tab or by searching for the specific order.

Once you have located it, you can find the reason for failure by clicking View on the order.

On this new pop-up window, you will want to scroll down to the Shipment History section. Here you are able to see the entire history of the order starting from the moment the order arrived in Shiptheory. Any messages that have a red dot next to them are errors. 

Hopefully, the error listed is able to help you understand why this shipment failed to book in. If so, you can then perform any changes needed and book it in again. 

Common Errors:

  • Part of the address is incorrect. If the carrier uses address validation, it will more likely than not be an error with the Postcode.
  • The shipment is too heavy for the chosen service.
  • The chosen service does not provide shipping to that destination. Such as a domestic service being chosen for an international shipment.
  • There is an issue with the credentials provided in Shiptheory for that carrier. Double-checking the settings page for this carrier in Shiptheory can help with this.

How do I rebook a failed order?

On the same 'View' pop-up window that you are viewing the Shipment History, you can also then edit and rebook that order. First, you will want to make any adjustments to the order needed to correct the error. 

Once any corrections have been made, you can then scroll to the view top of the pop-up where you will find a Select Carrier option. You will then want to select the carrier, service, and any enhancements needed for the shipment. Once you are happy with this, choose Create Label

This will send the shipment to the carrier again and attempt to rebook this failed order.

Need any help with trying to book in a failed order? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!