When shipping orders through Shiptheory you are not able to add a blanket insurance value across all shipments you send. However, certain carriers do support the adding of insurance to shipments sent with them.

Insurance can be added to an order either through the carrier's advanced settings in Shiptheory, or when booking the shipment in as an enhancement. 

A list of some of the carriers that support insurance can be seen below:

Where to add Insurance?
Royal Mail OBA
Shipment enhancement
UPSShipment enhancement
myHermesShipment enhancement
DX ExpressShipment enhancement
AramexShipment enhancement
TNTCarrier's Advanced Settings
DHL.deCarrier's Advanced Settings
DX 1ManCarrier's Advanced Settings
ILGCarrier's Advanced Settings

This list is up to date on the day of writing. 

How do I add insurance to a shipment?

As stated above, there are two ways in which insurance can be added to a shipment; the carrier's advanced settings or as a booking enhancement. 

Carrier's Advanced Settings:

From the Shiptheory Menu, select the carrier you'd like to add it for. Within its advanced settings (accessed through clicking the grey button in the bottom left of the page), you should be able to find the option to add insurance. The image below if from the advanced settings for TNT in Shiptheory.

If doing it through the carrier's settings, this normally results in a blanked value of insurance being applied to all shipments sent with this carrier. 

Shipment Enhancement:

NOTE: This is both true for manually booking shipments and when creating Shipping Rules.

Once you have selected the carrier and service a shipment will go with, you may get the option to Select Enhancement. by clicking this, you will be able to see the full list of booking enhancements available for this service. One of these might be Insurance (or a similarly named option). The below screenshot for myHermes' Next Day service.

Have any questions about adding insurance? Our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!