At the time of writing this support article, Brexit has not been finalised. Whilst we continue to work with carriers to ensure the least amount of disruption is caused, we recommend you also do research specific to your situation. The type of products and customers you have may change the outcome of Brexit for you and your business.

We also recommend you to read our Brexit Ecommerce Checklist, covering some preparations you can make ahead of Brexit.

UK-based with UK only customers
All VAT registered UK based companies should enter there VAT number here, regardless of where you ship to/from. After Brexit, nothing should change for you regarding sending orders out to your UK-based customers.

UK-based businesses with customers in Europe

If you do ship to Europe, then you should register to get an EORI number, especially if you don't have a VAT number, more about this can be found here.

You will most likely need to have commodity information for your products configured so export documentation can be generated automatically. If you don't have commodity information available for your products within Shiptheory, you may need to complete manual export declaration documentation. If you are unsure if you have product commodity data available in Shiptheory, please reach out to support to check.

UK-Based companies that send outside of Europe but not inside of Europe

At this time, we do not expect any changes to this scenario, you should be able to continue shipping as normal.

It's worth noting that some carriers have already put in support for a worst case scenario (paperwork wise) Brexit.  In a no trade agreement deal, the sending of goods from the UK to Europe will need to be treated in the same way the Rest of the World is now: eg. You will need to produce either electronic or paper (or both) export documentation.

If a trade deal is struck, depending on the goods you sell, you may need to declare some or part of the shipment in export documentation.

There is also a chance that new export forms especially for the transfer from the UK to Europe are to be used.  This has not happened as of yet and is less likely to happen, especially initially.