Xero is accounting software that integrates with Shiptheory and it uses the concept of "invoices" rather than "orders" or "shipments". Xero will send Invoices to Shiptheory every time a new invoice is created or an existing Invoice is updated. Invoices will appear on your Shiptheory dashboard like usual and from there will follow the same process of being booked in.

Set up

After signing up with Shiptheory you will be prompted to select your channel. From this page, select Xero to enable it within your account:

Once enabled, click "Connect" to enable Shiptheory to access your Xero:

You will be redirected to Xero to confirm the connection and then redirected back to Shiptheory.

Xero Settings

From here you can finish configuring your connection preferences.

  • Add Notes & Tracking to Xero
    You can choose whether notes about shipment booking activity from Shiptheory are posted into your Xero invoices History section.

  • Attach Shipping Labels to Invoices
    Once a shipment has been successfully booked in Shiptheory, would you like the shipping label PDF to be made available from inside your Xero invoices?

  • Attach Export Documents to Invoices
    You can choose whether any international customs documents are uploaded with shipping labels to Xero if the "Attach Shipping Labels" option is enabled. Note that this setting is subject to the settings set in your Import/Export Documents settings. More information is available on these settings here: https://support.shiptheory.com/en/support/solutions/articles/24000044838

  • Mark Invoices Sent To Customer
    Controls whether the original invoices in Xero are marked as "Sent to Customer" once a shipment has been booked in Shiptheory.

  • Default Product Weights
    Since individual product weights are not able to be specified in Xero, a default weight can be entered here to be set to each product downloaded from Xero. This setting is in kg.