Xero is an accounting software that integrates with Shiptheory and it uses the concept of "invoices" rather than "orders" or "shipments". Xero will send Invoices to Shiptheory every time a new invoice is created or an existing Invoice is updated. Invoices will appear on your Shiptheory dashboard like usual and from there will follow the same process of being booked in.

Set up

After signing up with Shiptheory you will be prompted to both select and configure your channel. From this page, you will need to choose Xero to enable it within your account. It will most likely be at the bottom of the page as it is in alphabetical order.

Once enabled, you'll need to hit "Connect" in the Xero page and enable Shiptheory to access your Xero:

After this, you'll be able to change some of the settings in Shiptheory for Xero:

These options can affect what information and changes Shiptheory will send back to your invoices in Xero. As well as being able to change some of the information that comes into Shiptheory.

With these, you are able to firstly choose to enable notes to be added, meaning that whenever an order is updated in Shiptheory, such as being booked in and receiving a tracking number, the notes section of the invoice in Xero will show this.

In a similar vein, you're able to enable shipping labels to be sent back through to to your invoice in Xero

The third option allows Shiptheory to mark invoices as "Sent to Customer" once the order has been booked in through Shiptheory.

The fourth option determines the default weight Shiptheory will set to products brought in on invoices from Xero, as within Xero there is no concept of product weights.